Michele and Emily were a blessing to our 2016  Indiana Catholic Women’s conference. They resonated with women of all ages. As young women and also mothers of many young children they helped all of us to realize the many ways to honor Our Lord’s Divine Mercy each day even in our busy lives!  The Women loved them and it was a great way for us to promote Divine Mercy

Kathryn Denney, Director of the Marian Center of Indianapolis, Indiana

We were delighted to welcome Michele and Emily to our school to speak to our moms.  We had a great turnout for the event and very positive feedback on the presentation.  The practical application of the Divine Mercy message was well received and conveyed in a way that spoke to our hearts.  The witness of two moms doing what they can with the gifts the Lord gave them was inspiring and encouraging.  We all know we need more mercy in our lives.  Their talk and their book showed us how easy it can be to receive and give this mercy to others.  What a gift when women can lead by bringing mercy into their families!   There is nothing we need more than God’s mercy.  Thank you for being God’s instruments to increase it in our families and school.

Sr. John Paul, O.P., Principal, St. Michael School, Worthington, Ohio

In the month of May, we hosted a ‘Mom’s Night Out’ to provide a night of nourishment —body and soul for moms in the local area.  Michele and Emily gave an inspiring presentation by offering practical suggestions on how to live Jesus’ message of mercy. Moms can often be hard on themselves and the heart of their message was ‘first be merciful with yourself’.  We are never too busy to hear a message that draws us closer to Our Lord and His mother. They have a gift for encouraging other moms to not be afraid and say ‘yes’.

Sr. John Dominic, O.P., Principal, Spiritus Sanctus Academy, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Church—whether domestic or universal—needs practical advice from people who practice what they preach. Michele and Emily are preaching the gospel with the way they live their lives and can truly speak from experience. Participants in their workshops need to bring a pen and paper—they will be hearing some incredible, actionable advice.

Jared Dees,  Moderator of Ave Maria Press Professional Development Webinar Series & author of To Heal, Proclaim and Teach; The Essential Guide to Ministry in Today’s Catholic Church

Michele & Emily brought warmth and joy into the heart of our Conference for Mothers!  Their love for the merciful heart of Jesus is evident in the beautiful way they communicate and share their faith.  The Lord is using their beautiful friendship with each other for His greater glory! 

Jessica Ferrante, Mothering With Grace Conference Co-Director

Being on retreat with Emily and Michele yesterday was so uplifting and edifying. The words that you shared rejuvenated my love for the Divine Mercy devotion and inspired me in my vocation of motherhood. This morning I was able to maintain composure while trying to dress my unruly two year old. It was a grace from God that I could keep reminding myself that I was “clothing the naked (literally!) and found that I could actually enjoy my son’s antics rather than lose patience (he and I will work on obedience next week. It was also such a blessing to witness the immense love that both of you have for our Lord and our Faith and how both of you expressed it so differently. You are both very inspiring to me as I strive to let my light shine without worrying about having to be like others or comparing myself to others.Can’t wait to read what comes out of your friendship project! What a necessary topic! Cannot wait to see what fruits God brings forth from your efforts! If yesterday is any indication, it will be amazing! Thank you for sharing yourselves with us.

Director of Family and Marriage Ministry- St. John Neumann, OH

Michele and Emily’s beautiful message of God’s love and mercy touched so many hearts at our ladies evening.  We received many stories of women’s lives changed and praise for the warmth felt through these amazing women.  They joyfully shared their deep faith, love of Christ, and most importantly their hearts, with all.

Sarah Mueller, St. Timothy Parish, Union, Kentucky

Michele and Emily were the retreat masters at the 10th annual St. John Neumann Women’s Retreat. We had over 200 women from all walks of life.  The message of Divine Mercy through the lens of Saint Faustina, Saint friendships, and the Spiritual and Corporal works of Mercy were very well received.  The women enjoyed Michele and Emily’s spiritual yet practical teachings on how to incorporate this message of Divine Mercy for mom’s into their personal and family life.  They offered a “Real” message!  A message that even busy women like themselves are still able to carve out time to help guide others closer to Christ!  They worked well together to deliver a message and teaching on how to Evangelize others in this message of Mercy!We highly recommend them for future opportunities and pray for their strength and continued “fiat” in Christs’ mission for their work in the New Evangelization.

Gretchen Hofer, retreat coordinator, St. John Neumann, Sunbury, Ohio

Emily and Michele immediately connected with the women at our conference by sharing their stories of friendship in a genuine, natural, and light hearted way!  Their sincerity and joy in sharing their personal experiences of friendship and those of the saints was refreshing and a beautiful testimony to the gift of virtuous friendships.   It was obvious that their encouraging words to busy wives and mothers on the importance of a rich prayer life and practical ways to make daily prayer a priority came from their lived experiences of authentic prayer.  Their presentation was so encouraging and the women attending went away filled to the brim!


Marleen Evers, Full of Grace Women’s Conference Coordinator, St. Henry Cluster of Catholic Parishes, St. Henry, OH

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