Do you have a difficult time with the concept of letting go and letting God?

If you have a hard time letting go and trusting in God, you are not alone! As women, we can all struggle with this concept; we are virtually hardwired to worry. It is often so much easier to focus on what we think is best for our lives than it is to surrender and embrace God’s will. Our capacity to worry about our family, friends, and careers (which includes stay-at-home mothers) can consume us and cause us to struggle with truly trusting God.

But Divine Trust is different than ordinary trust.  Trust in others will always leave you disappointed. (Hint, hint – our families and friends!) In our marriages, we must trust our spouses. We trust that they will love and honor and do what is best for us. But people are not perfect, and they will disappoint us.  Despite how much we love our husbands, at some point they will leave us discouraged and disheartened. But God will never disappoint us. Ever. With Divine Trust, you place yourself in the hands of God, a perfect being, who is able to guide and lead you as you navigate through life.

Haven’t we all as parents instructed our children to do things because they, in their youth and immaturity, lack the foresight to see the consequences? (Don’t touch the stove! Take your raincoat! Stay on the sidewalk!) When children are little, they don’t question these commands and trust, blindly, that we will take care of them. But as children grow, as any parent of a teenager knows, they begin to question our direction, exercise their freedom and make choices that may or may not be best for them. By failing to trust that we as parents have their best interest in mind, decisions can be made that sometimes have painful results.

We need to become like little children and surrender our lives to God. We need to permit Him to be the driver in our lives. While its so tempting to try and take the steering wheel back from God, the fact is, our inability to perfectly navigate will leave us lost if we don’t surrender and trust that God loves us and will always lead us to the right destination.

rope-park-649714_1280As mothers, we need to continually learn to let go and let God be in control.  We need to remember the profound words written at the bottom of the Divine Mercy Image: “Jesus, I Trust In You”.  When we place our trust in Christ its easier to be joyful and maintain a healthy perspective on our lives. Divine Trust is not “wishful thinking” or “happy thoughts” but an act of placing our life in Divine Mercy, recognizing that we are nothing without God, and asking God to have mercy on us for our faults.

Motherhood can often times feel like we are walking on a tight wire – with our families on our backs and a blindfold over our eyes. There are times when it feels as though the whole world is on your shoulders but, the fact is, Christ is bearing our burdens and balancing it all. “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:30.) So even when we feel like we are fumbling and do our best to get in His way, God is there with a huge safety net to catch us when we fall. Trust Him.

The modern mother has her plate full! Whether it is work, family life, friends, school commitments, or worrying about our children and our role as mothers, we must never lose sight of the fact that our God is well worth trusting in!

Copyright 2015 Emily Jaminet