Jump Start Your Morning Prayer

When talking to moms about prayer, I often get these responses:

“I’m a cradle Catholic but was never taught how to ‘pray’ except for the basic prayers.”

“I have a hard time doing anything but memorized prayers.”

“I feel silly trying to make up prayers myself.”

“I’m just not sure how to get started or keep it going.”

“Learning how to talk to God has been a slow process for me.”

“Sometimes, I lose focus. My mind starts to wander as I am speaking to God.”

Does this sound like you? Would you like a little help jump-starting your morning prayer?  Then I’d like to share with you the latest and greatest catholicmom.com book – The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion: A Book of Daily Reflections, edited by Lisa Hendey and Sarah Reinhard. I’m blessed to know both these authors personally, as they are amazing women, mothers, writers, and friends. In this new book, Lisa and Sarah have gathered together reflections from over 80 catholicmom.com contributors and put together a daily reflection book for moms, by moms.

This prayer book starts each day by listing the saint whom the church celebrates according to the Roman Calendar, as well as an inspiring quote from a saint, recent pope, inspirational writer, or even a classic movie line. The content then leads you into a meditation. After each one, there is a short prayer to whisper to the Lord followed by questions for you to ponder as you go through your busy day as a mom.

With such a diverse collection of writers, the Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion is a refreshing read each morning. I especially enjoyed getting a different perspective on life and prayer with each reflection. Some days are more serious vignettes on the saints while others discuss marriage, mothering, or seasonal times of the year.   There are even some humorous reflections and parenting stories that will keep you smiling throughout the day. Although these short readings take just five minutes, they’ll help you go into your whole day with the right frame of mind through valuable prayer and a focus on your faith.

One of my favorite parts of each reflection is seeing the name of the author. After writing for catholicmom.com for a little over a year now, I’ve met many of these wonderful mothers while working on projects for the site. Originally, I felt intimidated by all these “super moms,” but I came to realize that although they are incredibly gifted, this family of writers consists of moms struggling to live out their vocation the best way possible, just like you and me. They are real, honest and all striving to be a light in this dark world. I’ve been blessed to read their work and you will be, too! The practical wisdom and insight they offer is heartfelt, warm and just what every mother needs to start off her day.

Order your copy (and copies for all your mom friends) of The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion on amazon.com.