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It’s part of our mission to help you to live out a life a mercy and to help you become a special ops soldier of mercy for God.   Why call ourselves special ops soldiers?   Fr. Michael Gaitley MIC, a priest with the Marians of the Immaculate Conception who are official promoters of the Divine Mercy Message and bestselling author of 33 Days to Morning Glory shares with all of us mothers who are on this journey together:

           In this book, Emily Jaminet and Michele Faehnle refer to a beautiful prayer of Saint Faustina, “A Prayer of Transformation from Within.” In this prayer, Saint Faustina asks to be transformed into a living reflection of God’s mercy, specifically praying that her eyes, ears, tongue, hands, feet, and heart be instruments of God’s tender mercy. She essentially wants to be God’s mercy for the world, to be a channel of Divine Mercy, a place through which God’s mercy can pass through her heart and soul to everyone.

Now, we might ask, “Why did God put the desire of that prayer into Saint Faustina’s heart?” I believe he did so to reveal a key part of his strategy of bringing his gift of salvation to our world, in this present time of mercy. He wants to use not just Faustina but all of us as instruments of his mercy. More specifically, he wants to transform us into living images of Divine Mercy, so he can reach everyone with his tender love and save them.

But he’s not looking for just anyone for this important mission. In fact, I believe that his first picks for this solemn mission, his desired “special ops,” are those who are most forgotten, overlooked, and under appreciated — the ones who, in the eyes of the world, don’t amount much. And who are they?

Well, I would argue that some of those who are most overlooked by the world, the ones who the world tends to scoff at are mothers, especially stay-at-home moms. Really. Modern pagans often don’t take motherhood as serious business. Of course, they probably recognize that it’s necessary for continuing the species, but it seems that they see it as something like farming: a dirty, difficult job, that somebody’s got to do — but who would want to? It requires an enormous amount of effort behind-the-scenes, lots of thankless self-sacrifice, and involves work that isn’t very glamorous.

But you know what? What the world sees as unimportant is often most important to the Lord. And how important are mothers? Well, I believe that in this time of mercy, God wants to use them to save the world. I believe he wants to use such hidden souls to complete his strategy of bringing down mercy on humanity. How? Through their unseen merciful deeds, words, and prayers. So, for instance, they help save the world by praying of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy while picking up kids from school, by making acts of trust in Jesus in the midst of trials and crosses, and by taking up mundane works of mercy for children and husbands who may never fully realize their sacrifices.

We are asking YOU to join us on this special mission and become trained soldiers to share the mercy of God with your family, your community and the whole world.

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