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We are so excited to share that several schools and parishes have adopted our Mercy Jar idea to help Mary’s Meals!    We’ve been asked to share some ideas on sacrifices you can make to help build up that change in the Divine Mercy for Moms “Year of Mercy Jar” to help feed those who are hungry. Below are some tip for you to consider, especially during this Lenten Season.

10 Sacrifices you can make to build your Mercy Jar Fund:

  1. Pack and Drink: Instead of going to the Drive Through for Coffee and Gourmet Drinks, pack a thermos.  We like the zojirushi because you can toss it in your purse and it won’t leak!
  2. Hold Back when dining out: If you stop at a Drive Through for Dinner/ Lunch, keep it sample and just order the sandwich instead of a value meal and drink water.
  3. Have Car Snacks instead of pick up: Keep a mini-cooler for busy days of driving around with healthy snacks that are a fraction of the price of drive through food.
  4. Water Anyone?: Pack your children water for lunch instead of Juice Boxes
  5. Swap: One New Easter Outfit can cost on average $30.00: Consider having an Easter Outfit swap. See if other families want to collaborate on clothing. This is especially true with dress shoes that are rarely used.
  6. Carpool:  Try to Save Gas when you can!
  7. Mom’s Night In: Host a social night where everyone brings an appetizer or dessert and a beverage. You will still have a wonderful night with friends, but at a fraction of the cost.   You could even consider asking everyone to make a donation for what they would have spent if you went out on the town.
  8. Utilities: Make it a family goal to cut down on electricity, turn your thermostat down a bit or shorten your showers.
  9. Less Meat: Try to have at least 2 meatless meals for dinner a week and set a goal for healthy dinners that don’t revolve around meat.  Check out the CRS Rice Bowl blog for fresh ideas!
  10. Pack Your Children’s Lunches: No Desserts and special prepackaged food in your children’s lunches, especially during Lent. This will require you to think ahead of what you can pack such as:
    1. Peanut Butter Sandwiches
    2. Apples Slices
    3. Water
    4. Chips and snacks in baggies
    5. Carrots and dip
    6. Yogurt in Tupperware with frozen blueberries

Have more ideas?  Please share!   Let’s feed a million children this Lent with our sacrifices!