We are delighted to share today’s stop on The Friendship Project blog tour is with our friend Barb Szyszkiewicz at Franciscanmom.com.  We met Barb a few years ago when we started writing at Catholicmom.com, where she serves as the editor.   We hope you enjoy her post!  Here is a little snippet:

The title of this book immediately made me think of Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, but there’s a big difference here. Rubin’s book is all about how to make things more pleasant for yourself. The Friendship Project invites you outside your personal cocoon into a world of relationship where you and your friends encourage each other. As Sister John Dominic, O.P., remarks in her back-cover endorsement,

“We live in a technology-driven world where people are instantly connected, yet in our own personal lives, we often feel isolated and alone. … [The Friendship Project] underscores the truth that happiness lies in living a virtuous life.”