I was blessed to meet Natalie Stilwell this week and participate in her fabulous “Forming the Future Speaker Series” and share about Divine Mercy for Moms.    You can check out the interview by clicking on the link above. I would highly recommend listening to the other speakers.  I know I have really enjoyed them.   You will hear from:

  1. Elisabeth Jordan – The Human ImpACT(non-profit) – The how & why of serving the poor, needy and homeless as a family
  2. Lydia Borja – Flourish in Hope blog- Self-Care & Soul-Care for Mamas
  3. Dr. Eve Rosno- Inspired Mom Summit – Breaking Free from Negative Parenting Patterns
  4. Brian Daigle – Sequitur Classical Academy,Mudhouse Publishing- Formative role of good literature on children
  5. Sam Guzman – Catholic Gentleman, Covenant Eyes – Cultivating a taste for the beautiful in children
  6. Kevin Neece – author, speaker Gospel According to Star Trek– Navigating entertainment and media in the formation of children
  7. Melanie Cameron – St. Anthony’s Bridal(non-profit) – Dating your spouse for yours & your children’s happiness
  8. Fr. Leo Patalinghug – Grace Before Meals- The transformative power of family meals
  9. Jeremy Tate – Classical Learning Initiatives- The Classical education model as centered on the pursue of the good, true & beautiful
  10. Liesbet Bickett – Sacred Connections(non-Christian) – Using “non-violent” or “compassionate communication” in the family

Although the series is over, Natalie will send you links to all the talks if you sign up here. Natalie’s goal in providing this free series is to help moms nourish their families in body and soul.   I love turning one of these on as I’m making dinner and learning as I cook!  I hope you enjoy!