Dear friend,

In The Friendship Project, Emily wrote “Hope is the greatest gift you can give someone.” Not the wishful thinking kind of hope, but the virtue of Hope that focuses our trust in Jesus. This virtue empowers us, especially when we experience dark times in life and grounds us so that we can see past the trials that cloud our minds and darkens our souls.

We know that everyone is going through a difficult time right now. Whether your current stresses and obligations involve toddlers or teenagers, a husband or grandchildren (or all of these things!), during this time of Covid many of us find ourselves feeling more isolated and burdened than ever before.

So today, we want to offer you an opportunity to join us for a weekend we pray will give you hope.

Please consider this your personal invitation to attend the FREE upcoming Catholic Moms Summit – Finding Lasting Balance, Peace & Joy! This unique online event will bring together Catholic women from all ages and stages and walks of life to connect personally about those things that challenge us, to share about real ways we can find joy in our vocations as moms, and what to do when that joy feels hard to find.

It’s free to register, and there is so much to gain! Emily and I are thrilled to be one of over 60 presenters sharing from their hearts about real ways you can find peace, balance, and joy in real life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with and be encouraged by other Catholic women who know what you are going through because they are going through it too. We have so much to learn from one another!

You do not want to miss this one. Register for free now!

We can’t wait to see you there,

Michele & Emily