One of the coolest things about writing books and blogging is that we have met some of the most amazing women from across the globe.  Today the blog tour for The Friendship Project takes us “across the pond” to London, England where our fabulous faith-filled friend Chiara Finaldi hosts an interview on her blog “The Pearl of Great Price.”  Chiara was born and raised in Italy, but after a whirlwind romance right out of a fairy tale book, was swept off her feet on while studying abroad and now lives in the UK with her husband and six children.  Her blog features articles about faith, family, friendship and some really awesome hospitality ideas.

Here is a little excerpt…..

Having a big family (or being a mother in general) means there is very little time for leisure… Finding the time to read, in my case, has become an arduous quest… The pile of books on my bedside cabinet is becoming an increasingly frustrating reminder of how much I’d like to do and how little time I actually have.

Though I lack time (I am sure this is a common problem) and my retirement reading list becomes bigger and bigger, God doesn’t stop surprising me… I was given the possibility to read an advance copy of the ‘The Friendship Project’, the latest book by the authors of ‘Divine Mercy for Moms’,

‘The Friendship Project’, just like ‘Divine Mercy for Moms’ is a book that comes from the heart. Emily and Michele have truly experienced and embraced ‘perfect friendship’ and together have walked the extra mile to spread the Good News.

As Pope Saint John Paul II said ‘In God’s plan, nothing happens by chance’, and both books landed at my feet at just the right time… the first when I was looking for Christ’s Mercy the most and the latter to confirm the importance and the need of pure friendship in Christ.

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