Today we welcome this beautiful guest post from our friend Kaitlyn Mason in North Carolina about her ministry Mary Garden Showers.  We hope you are inspired by this beautiful work of mercy!


While some people are uncomfortable with the idea of celebrating a Mother & child in a crisis pregnancy situation, at Mary Garden Showers, this is our passion.

We live in a society that tends to steer women into thinking that shame, guilt, and punishment are appropriate consequences of an “unplanned” pregnancy. Or that women who have considered abortion do not deserve a celebration. Or that it is not appropriate to have a baby shower for a young teenage Mother who made the “mistake” of becoming pregnant.

And yet, we know that God has a plan for each life He knits together so lovingly. Unplanned pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy, mistake, oops baby – what would God think of these labels?

Every child is His creation. Every child is a part of His plan. Every child is wanted so desperately by Him.

God loves all the children He has created. Including the ones who grow up and experience a crisis pregnancy.

When a woman finds out her sweet daughter, best friend, sister, neighbor, or cousin is pregnant, putting together a baby shower for her can seem like a no-brainer.

And what a blessing that shower truly is for the Mother!

She knows her friends & family will be there. She knows she’ll have a cute cake and some delicious finger foods. She knows she can go have fun setting up a baby registry full of gifts that people are very likely going to purchase for her and baby. She can rest assured that she’ll have help providing for the material needs of her little one.

And as the Mother, she will be pampered and cared for as well.

But what about the women out there who don’t have a best friend? The women who aren’t on speaking terms with family members? The women who don’t know their neighbors because they don’t have a stable living environment?

What about the women in crisis pregnancies?

Here are 8 reasons why we think you should host a shower for a Mother in a crisis pregnancy:

  1. They deserve to have the security of knowing their child will have the necessary material items he or she needs.
  2. They need a loving, caring support network!  Sooner rather than later!
  3. In many situations, if we don’t put a baby shower together for them – no one else will.
  4. This might be the one opportunity they have to get excited about the arrival of their child!
  5. It’s an opportunity to show a Mother that when God says, “trust me,” He means it.
  6. Other young women will likely attend the shower and learn about what you are doing.  They will see firsthand that people who advocate for more lives in the world and fewer abortions back it up with action!  They will know this kind of loving support is available for others and word will get out.
  7. After the shower, Mothers will be thankful and Fathers will be overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.
  8. Thanks to your thoughtfulness, babies will be warm, safe, and snug in their new sleepers and baby gear.

This is why the Mary Garden Showers ministry is passionate about organizing and hosting baby showers for Mothers in crisis pregnancies.

The women and families we serve are precious. We do not take the privilege of their trust for granted.  We connect Mothers with lovingly chosen sponsor groups who will walk alongside each Mother, providing the individual attention she needs and deserves.

We take each Mother out for a registry outing to set up her very own gift registry. Then we spread the word far and wide so that people throughout the country can shop for Mothers and send gifts to the shower location.

We hold showers for one Mother at a time in a beautiful Church setting with no strings attached. No judgement, no pressure, just love.

We invite the Church and community to the baby shower, the Mother invites her family and friends, and we end up with something beautiful.

Visit for more information about the Mary Garden Showers ministry and all of the ways you can get involved!  You can start a chapter at your parish and host just one shower per year – or consider requesting help from local sponsor groups and host as many as possible!

It really just takes one dedicated person to get something like this going in your community.  And we’ve created a Handbook full of helpful resources to help you get started!  Please contact us if you’d like more information about becoming a part of our network!

Won’t you consider helping us celebrate Mothers & babies in crisis pregnancies?

Copyright 2015 Kaitlyn Mason