Instruct the Ignorant

I was an RCIA sponsor for a friend’s sister.  It was a big commitment, but she is a single mom and she told me it was so nice to have someone she could relate to and ask questions about the Faith that she felt comfortable coming to.   – Sara, mom of 2, St. John, Indiana

My husband and I try to teach our kids through our actions. They see us involved in various ministries, remain open to discussions of those whose view is different from ours, and serving those who are in need. Through this our two daughters, now 21 and 17, have taken their social teaching views into the world. Our oldest, on the college track of Med. School has traveled to Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Honduras to empowering communities through health and economic care. Our youngest has attended Catholic Youth Summer Camp  (CYSC) since 6th grade and is now a camp councilor. That camp experience is where our faith became her faith. She is leads a middle school youth group at our parish and is a leader at her HS youth group. She volunteers for Run the Race Foundation serving under served kids in Central Columbus. Bringing our faith into the world is a daily process and one that we are called to do from our baptism. For us, we learn more from those we serve then we can could possibly give in return. – Julie, mom of 2, Columbus, Ohio

I lead a girls’ virtue club in our parish and we discuss a saint, virtue and correlating scripture verse every month. After reading a story about the particular saint and his/her virtue we have circle time to discuss how that virtue can be practiced in our daily lives. I am always amazed at how these 5-10 year olds want to be holy and active in their faith. Their hearts desire virtue and they love their Catholic faith! I learn something every time as well, and their enthusiasm for saintliness gives me encouragement. – Deanna, mom of 3, Hilliard, Ohio

My daughter and I are heavily involved in our churches Religious Education program,  teaching and assisting.  My daughter works withthe lower grades and I have 7-9th grade. – Virginia, mom of 3, Mundelein, Illinois

I am an Account Manager with Lighthouse Catholic Media, and through this ministry I am able to share inspiring talks about our faith from some amazing Catholic speakers. I carry these talks with me and try to pass them out to others as the spirit prompts me. – Lauren, mom of 4, Columbus, OH

I do lots of little teaching moments to point out virtues in my kids and to talk about God, Jesus, faith, how much God loves them, that they can never do anything that would make God or me stop loving them. – Erin, mom of 3, Louisiana

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