Forgive All Injuries

It is difficult to forgive all injuries from everyone. I have found that there are certain people or children it is easy to forgive. For example, it is easy to forgive a cute toddler or preschooler for not listening, but it is more challenging to forgive a teenager or difficult parent who continue to “ruffle our feathers”.

I focus on saying my “Act of Contrition” at the end of the day and this is where I think about those who I need to forgive, including myself. Often times I need to forgive myself for how I responded to others, including my children.

The more children I have the more it causes me to be MORE forgiving of others. I see my own weaknesses and I feel like I am constantly failing others. I realize how little I stand up against my own expectation of others. I would never want to be judged against my “standard of others”. This meditation is helping me to make progress of not to judge others. – Emily, Co-founder, Divine Mercy for Moms

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