Comfort the Sorrowful

As a mom, one of the greatest sources of comfort you can give to other moms who may be lonely for friends and community is to invite them into your mom’s group or Bible study. This is most feasible by holding it at a parish’s facilities due to space and security reasons. It’s important to reach out not just to those whose personalities we prefer to be around, but to everyone especially the introvert, the new parishioner, etc.  – Eva, mom of 2, Columbus, Ohio

There is a lot of lonely people out there, especially the elderly. Sometimes just chatting with a senior citizen in a Walmart while you are waiting in line can be the highlight of their day.  And they will tell you that! It takes a little sacrifice to stop and listen but it means so much to them. -Ali, mom of 4, Plain City, Ohio 

My kids wouldn’t agree, but I see them perform works of mercy each day. Their youngest brother has special needs and is nonverbal. He is a lot of work, and there is a lot that they miss out on because of him. But they never complain, always want to be with him and play with him, and are eager to help me with his daily care. They are naturally drawn to other people with disabilities because of him, and on their own, pray for people who are disabled and lonely. – Mindy, Broadlands, Virginia

We also visit the elderly in our neighborhood and bring them homemade cookies.  We read to them, help take care of their plants and do crafts.  They love to share stories with the kids and pass on ideas to do for hobbies, and family time. – Anne, Irving, Texas

When our daughters were about 4, we began teaching them old sing-a-long songs like “A Bicycle built for Two” and “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” as well as the classic Catholic hymns.  We visit Little Sisters of the Poor and other nursing homes where the girls sing for the residents and invite the residents to join in the singing.  One beautiful woman, who struggles with dementia, did not talk very much.  The girls began to sing “In the Good Ol’ Summertime” for her. The woman’s face lit up with a big smile as she remembered that song and she began to sing with them.  We try to bring joyful moments to the elderly. – Penny, mom of 3, Noblesville, Indiana

My daughter sings in assisted living centers and centers for abused women and children to help brighten their day. – Virginia, mom of 3, Mundelein, Illinois

Pro-life work is near and dear to our hearts and we financially support the Sisters of Life in New York. There are many wonderful pro-life organizations, and I put the Sisters under these two spiritual works of mercy because they do help the doubtful: the woman facing an unexpected pregnancy who isn’t sure where to turn or what to do. They also comfort the sorrowful by offering retreats and healing to women who have experienced an abortion.  You can also support your local pregnancy center by volunteering, donating, or simply setting up a bassinet at Church to collect new or gently used baby items. Think October (Respect Life month), January (Roe v. Wade anniversary), May (Mother’s Day) or June (Father’s Day). – Peggy, mom of one, Columbus, Ohio

My teenage daughter has had several friends who’ve lost parents and grandparents during the past few years. On her own, she arranges to bring a dinner to the families. I make sure she has everything she needs (and I’m there for cooking advice)  but she does all of it herself. –Barb, mom of 3, Delran, NJ

As a church musician and homeschooling mother, I was often called to sing for funerals and I took my kids with me when I went to sing. I always told them that it was a kindness to pray for the dead and most importantly, to come to the Mass to comfort those who were still here, but grieving. Now that they are grown and have children of their own, they take the initiative to go to funerals when they can. I think that seeing that modeled for them has helped them through some devastating losses in the past few years. Being a part of the Mass and knowing that, in death, life is changed, not ended, has given them hope. – Katie, moms of 2, grandmother of 2, Columbus, Ohio

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