Bear Wrongs Patiently

As mothers we sometimes know what it means to “bear wrongs patiently”, I feel like I am constantly needing to be patient in my interaction with my family and not responding in a juvenile way, despite the responses of my children. It is important as mothers to teach our children to not respond with harsh emotions when a sibling or another wrongs them, this is a true lesson for life. Christ is our greatest example of this when he died on the Cross. He showed love and forgiveness verse responding with revenge. Christ is our ultimate example of bearing wrongs patiently, our perfect God, died for our sins.

We Bear Wrongs Patiently when we don’t get angry or upset when others are responding this way to us especially our children! It is easy to fall into the trap of yelling back or loosing your cool when you should “bear wrongs patiently, and teach your children how to respond. I count to 10 when I am upset so I can gain a better perspective of the teachable moment and not lash out with anger. – Emily, Co-founder, Divine Mercy for Moms

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