Visit the Imprisoned

I like to talk about Our Lord’s confinement to the tabernacle with my children – His choice out of love for us – His imprisonment though we are the sinners – when we spend time in adoration we are indeed visiting the imprisoned – our dear sweet prisoner of Love.  Cathy, mom of 5, Carroll, Ohio.

I pick up three sweet ladies from the local retirement home on the 1st Friday of each month and take them to Eucharistic Exposition.  They would not be able to leave on their own.   The kids come with me when they are not in school  and this is a great experience for all!   – Jody, mom of 3, Dublin, Ohio****

****note from Michele & Emily – this is one of those superstar works of mercy – they visit the sick, comfort the sorrowful/lonely, pray for the living and the dead and visit those imprisoned (in the nursing home) as well as Jesus confined in the tabernacle as Cathy explained above!

I’m the first to admit I’m a little hesitant to walk into a prison. But there are still ways we can reach out to the imprisoned so that they know they’re not alone. For example, in our city, a local parish collects reading material for prison inmates. You can take your Catholic Times, National Catholic Register, Our Sunday Visitor, This Rock, and other Catholic publications there once you are done with them. – Peggy, mom of one, Columbus, Ohio

My husband’s coworker once called me at the house during their workday to check on a story my husband had been sharing.  He asked me where my husband and I met. I responded, “In jail.” As he was hanging up, I heard him tell his other co-workers,”He was telling the truth.” LOL. What I failed to tell him (because I knew my husband was having a little fun) was that we were in prison ministry at the same time. There were only 3 of us at the time and we grew close. We offered bible studies for the men at the detention centre awaiting their trials. Some weeks we had no inmates join us and we would go out for coffee and a doughnut. Other weeks we would have some inmates come out and listen to the word of God and share some of their stories with us. It gave us an opportunity to pray with them. And it makes for a great meeting story 🙂 – Melina, mom of 11, Ontario, Canada

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